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Book Title: At Her Fingertips * Series: The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, Book 3 * Author: Kellyn Roth * Publication Date: 17th July 2021 * Publisher: Wild Blue Wonder Press * Page Length: TBD * Genre: Christian Historical Romance

As a part of the Coffee Pot Book Club, I am happy to feature Kellyn Roth’s lovely novel, At Her Fingertips.

Book Blurb:

Shes willing to do anything to follow her plan.

Debutante Alice Knight is ready for her first social season in London. She’s determined to impress society and her mother with an affluent match, at last escaping her past and embracing a future of her own making.

Peter Strauss, an American reporter visiting England, isn’t exactly what Alice had in mind. However, his friendship proves invaluable as Alice faces the challenges of her debut. Almost immediately, she attracts the attention of a well-born gentleman—perfect save for the simple fact that he’s not a Christian.

The life she longs for is finally at her fingertips, but between her own heart and the convictions of her faith, she isn’t sure she ought to grasp it.At Her Fingertips, a romantic women’s fiction novel, is the third novel in Kellyn Roth’s Christian family saga, The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy


A grand carriage met Peter at the train station, and, though the driver gave him a look that indicated he wasn’t dressed up to snuff, he was swiftly conveyed to the Ashfield residence. Peter was used to seeing wealth on display—he had a way of making friends from all classes—and he understood how it drove even the servants to judgment of those who didn’t possess said wealth. Frankly, though, there was no judgment in his heart for the judgment. He’d come to accept it as part of his lot.

The Ashfield house—a large brick monstrosity surrounded by dozens just like it—was in the most fashionable neighborhood. The street was filled with evidence of London’s upper class. Ladies paraded by, a man or two always accompanying them. Horse hooves and carriage wheels over cobblestone made their own unique melody, and Peter loved it.

Now, granted, there was nothing quite like the country. However, Peter found himself equally at home here. He felt every place he’d ever visited had its poetry, a set of rhyme and rhythm, and how he loved to memorize those verses.

He was happy to play orator, and he knew he’d be making notes of the feel of this street in his journal that night. There was so much to be said, so many words to apply. How would he ever make use of them all?

He was glad no one could hear his thoughts, but especially the butler, who glared at him under his bushy brows. Peter would feel like a fool if he ever let anyone into the back door of his mind and walk around the kitchen. Because, to Peter, that’s where the back door led—to the center of the home where family gathered to eat and talk and share about their day.

More foolishness.

“‘Better a witty fool than a foolish wit,’” he reminded himself under his breath as he was ushered into a parlor.

“Yes, sir?”

“Oh, nothing.” He smiled at the footman. “Thank you. I’ll wait here.” Stating the obvious, but the servant might worry that an American would start snooping around the house—who knew? Peter wanted to be as reassuring as possible. Such was his greatest goal and delight in life, to eliminate the worries of others.

The parlor was everything Peter had expected it to be—fashionable, recently decorated, full of delicate-looking chairs and elegant-looking sofas, and entirely spotless, to a degree that made Peter inclined to feel dirty.

The door opened, and a young man with a shock of dark hair, wearing an immaculate suit, stood in the doorway. “Strauss!” As Peter remembered, Gibson Ashfield’s every word dripped with both charm and enthusiasm, a mixture not often heard in this part of the world. “I’m so glad you’ve made it here safely.”

“Hello, Gibson.” Peter had never adopted the habit of calling other men by their last name, even if they weren’t particularly close to him. It just didn’t seem personable. “Yes, my journey was quite uneventful. Thank you for—”

“Oh, never mind your thanks.” Gibson grinned and jerked his head to the door. “Let’s go to your room so you can settle in before dinner. The servants should have taken your things up.”

It was just like Gibson Ashfield to insist he didn’t want to hear innumerous ‘thank yous.’ Nevertheless, Peter couldn’t be so easily thwarted. “That sounds wonderful! But I do want to—”

“If you try to offer your thanks again, I really will throw you out the door.” Gibson strode back from whence he’d arrived. “Coming?” he called over his shoulder.

Peter scurried after him. Fine, he’d leave it for later. Perhaps he’d talk to Gibson’s parents, the true owners of the house and, therefore, the true extenders of hospitality, on the subject.

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About the Author:

Kellyn Roth is a Christian historical women’s fiction & romance author from North-Eastern Oregon who has independently published multiple novels, the most notable being The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series. You should definitely call her Kell.

Kell lives on family-owned property outside an unmemorable but historical town with her parents, two little brothers, precious border collies, a dozen cows, and lots of chickens. She also possesses a classic, vintage aesthetic which does not at all speak to her country girl side, but such is life.

When not writing, Kell likes to blog, work as a virtual assistant for authors and other small business owners, and spend lavish amounts of money on Dairy Queen french fries. She also likes to talk about her books (and occasionally Keira Knightley) way too much. You’ve been warned.

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Blessing on your tour, Kellyn and with this book and your series!

Thanks for reading!

Have you read any of Kellyn’s novels? Who’s one of your favorite Christian Historical Romance authors?

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  1. Don Davies says:

    My wife really loves your books and the best Christian Books around by Keion Henderson, ! I really pray for your continued success and may you always find Inspiration in writing more beautiful Christian content!

    1. Hi Don, thanks for commenting on my spotlight for Kellyn’s book. I’m not sure if you are referring to my books or Kellyn’s, but thank you. I’ll have to check that author out. 😊

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