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“This inventive novel has more layers than first meets the eye, elevating it far beyond a simple retelling of a familiar story into a uniquely entertaining, genre-blending work of romantic fantasy.”

Self-Publishing Review, four and a half-stars
ISBN: 978-1-7379575-2-2

A young man who can grant wishes. A fairy hoping for her wings. A king and queen seeking an heir. 

Far, far away, in the fairy tale kingdom of Evermoor, young, gifted Daniel dreams of escaping his life in captivity and his dastardly Uncle Aldrich. Diana, a flower fairy charged with guiding Daniel, helps him channel his ability to grant wishes, but his uncle exploits Daniel’s gift, stealing the wishes for himself.

Warned not to fall prey to mortal love, Diana keeps a friendly distance from Daniel, but she cannot deny her growing feelings for him. Will she shield her heart or risk losing the chance to ever go back home to the Green Glade and gain her fairy wings?

In the same kingdom, childless King Roderick and Queen Rosalind have become divided by a great sorrow. Battling the wounds of the past, the monarchs make a valiant effort to move forward, but can they learn to trust each other again? What future can the kingdom have without an heir? 

Readers of fantasy, Christian fantasy, clean romance, and YA fantasy will be enraptured with this gripping tale of overcoming the past and embracing hope, layered with romance for both the young and the young at heart.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Knipfer has created a well-constructed story with all the elements of a classic fairy tale: a royal family, a lost prince, magical creatures, and determined villains.” 
Readers’ Favorite, five-star review

“A heady blend of magical realism, myth, and references to God’s force in the world that will involve readers in a complex, appealing rendering of Grimm’s original ‘The Pink’.” 

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“A beautiful and wholesome story that follows a fairy on a mission to secure her wings, an orphan boy who has the power to grant wishes, and a king and queen without an heir, interwoven with powerful themes of love, hope, faith, and God’s greater plan for our lives, The Regal Pink is a must read for fans of Christian fantasy, clean fantasy romance, and fairy tale retellings.” – Kayla E. Green, author of Aivan: The One Truth 

Kayla E. Green, author of Avian The One Truth

“I enjoyed how the author referred to God as the Light. I also enjoyed her message of faith in this story. Not being a reader of fantasy, I didn’t know what to expect, this is truly a wonderfully written story that is easy to fall in love with.” Lakeside Living Site

I am so glad I veered from my usual genres to read this enthralling book! I cannot recommend this book or this author enough! It is truly a heart captivating read!” Evelyn Foreman

This is a great fairytale, retold, of Love, Loss, Magic, and hard choices! I enjoyed this fairytale so much and highly recommend it.” Renee Simmons

Filled with loss, hurt, love and magic, this story will capture your attention. This is my first read regarding fantasy, a genre new to me. But Author Jenny knows how to put together characters, and plots well together.” Keren Herrera Lyles

I was blessed to be able to read another fabulous book by Jenny. Her way with words and her love of flowers come together in this book about The Light and darkness. I had never read this particular fairy tale but it is an amazing story. I look forward to the sequel.” Mary McCauley

“I am not a fairytale reader! However, after reading Regal Pink I may change my mind. There was so much depth to the story line, intriguing (real to life characters) and creative fantasy. Jenny’s writing is always entertaining and points to God. Frankly, I had trouble putting the book down and was a bit sad when it ended. Nice job!” Patti Wolf

From the first page I fell in love with this stunning retelling of a Grimm’s tale, complete with kings and queens, fairies, and granted wishes. Simply put, this story sucked me in, reminded me of my childhood, and awakened my imagination to a fantastic world beyond my own. I cannot wait for more of this genre by Knipfer!” Kathryn B.

“I was immediately drawn in from the very beginning and I was very intrigued to see what was going to happen to the characters next! The characters were so wonderful and different!!” Lana J.

“…a beautiful message of redemption wrapped in a world of enchantment and wonder. Prepare your heart to be captured in a magical world where anything is possible.”

Lisa R. Howeler, author of the Spencer Valley Chronicles

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