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ISBN: 978-1-7379575-3-9

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Through an intricate weaving of characters, Knipfer constructs an engaging story that doesn’t just live on the printed page, but the characters speak to your heart.” 

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Set in the early twentieth century, single mother, Petra Livingston, and her young son, Jefferson, have come home to Broken Birch Bay, Minnesota braving the town gossips over her sordid past. 

Spurred by contention with her dad, Petra takes a job at a local cafe, working for her independence and meets Don De Muir, who worms his way into her heart—which she swore she’d never give away again.

Thrilled to have her ally and sister, Petra, back home, Honey sets aside her mom’s disappointment in her and plans her wedding to a local fisherman, Jeb Spangler, a man with a broken past and a temper. However, as the time draws near, Honey gets cold feel, reevaluating her feelings for Jeb. 

Will Petra allow Don past her defenses? Will Honey and Jeb move forward into their future or be derailed by what comes between them? Will it be one of the sisters, a boyfriend, or a parent who lifts their hand to protect another, taking a life in the process?

Told in a split-timeline of prison diary entries and narrative, fans of Christian mystery, Christian historical fiction, and clean romance will relish this unique mystery.

“Written in a way that evokes all kinds of emotions. Knipfer does a fabulous job of weaving a story full of suspense, love, tension, and mystery.” KC Hart, bestselling author of the Katy Cross mystery series 




“This book had me guessing throughout the entire book and I was surprised at the ending! I definitely recommend it. You will not want to put it down.” Rennesimmoms

“A wonderfully written story that kept me reading to find out who was in prison and why. The story is filled with family, love, care, concern and the associated emotions. The story is so realistic I was able to feel the tension.” Lakesidelivingsite

“A great book that you will want to read in one sitting.” Dpruss3

Oh, wow. This was a book I didn’t want to put down. Mystery, romance, and realistic family dynamics made By Broken Birch Bay a story that grabbed my imagination.

Dawn Klinge, author of the Historic Hotels Collection


Another great story by this amazing woman. Jenny is a gifted story weaver. This one, a mystery, is till the end filled with emotion; grace, romance, forgiveness.” Mary Macauley

Author Jenny knows exactly how to grab you from the start and pin characters and their actions to make you think you know but then surprises you.” Keren Herra-Lyles

Jenny Knipfer knows how to engage her readers in a story where love and family play the first note.
I didn’t expect this book to have such an engaging mystery.
” Maret

Knipfer has woven a beautiful tale of family, friends and forgiving. I really enjoyed the way Jenny crafted this book. Her mysterious style had me turning pages well into the night.” J

This book kept me guessing right until the end. Jenny wrote a wonderful mystery that kept me guessing who the guilty party was throughout.”

Lisa R Howeler, author of the Spencer Valley Chronicles

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