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I see writing as both my work and my joy. It has become a form of deliverance for me and assists me in processing through life’s ups and downs living with multiple sclerosis. Writing can do that–help you through unexpected valleys. It transforms the frustration and pain into something less constrictive. Writing frees me.

In my new found freedom, I challenged myself to finish the novel I started years ago. The week after I quit my job due to my disability, I started writing. Sometimes I managed only small spurts here and there throughout the day. Whenever a conversation started to form in my head, I would tap it out in Google docs on my tablet. Soon the fictional town of Webasshi Bay and a pocket full of characters blossomed on the screen.

I thought Ruby Moon the only story in the depths of my being, but two more novels grew from Ruby Moon. Now, I have a trilogy I’m finishing, and I started writing the fourth in the series. Each book curtails a separate theme, but the factor of God’s hand guiding our lives ties them all together. Behind all the unknowns, the grief, the pain, and the joy our Creator writes a story through each of us.

Ruby Moon is the first of four novels in the series: By the Light of the Moon. Here is the gist of the opening book in a nutshell . . . .

Ruby Moon embodies a tale of grief, guilt, greed, and redemption. During the mid 1890’s, Jenay, a young woman of mixed French and Ojibwe descent, must survive the trauma of causing a horrific accident. Her maturity accelerates as the challenges of grief and romance enter the scene.

Amidst this drama, Jenay is caught in a web spun by Renault, a rich, charming man who once threatened the ruination of her father’s shipping company but now seeks something even more valuable–Jenay. Renault, her past enemy, suddenly becomes her friend then something more . . . Will she leave the man she loves for this new found affection?

Jenay must find where her strength lies in order to face the challenges life brings her or be washed away like driftwood on the tumultuous shores of Lake Superior. Life’s richest dramas play out under the banner of two ruby colored moons and become the hidden gems which forge her into a mature strong woman. Jenay realizes God is by her side, using even the harsh events of life to create something precious in her. 

Releasing this fall!

Blue Moon: The year is 1885, and unwed Vanessa Gulet must surrender her newborn son to her married twin sister, Valerie, to raise. A seed of bitterness grows in Vanessa. When the opportunity arises for her to have what she’s always wanted, Vanessa takes it despite the consequences to her family. Will Vanessa and Valerie remain at odds, or will they allow the power of forgiveness to heal their strained relationship?

In a new town and reunited with her son, Vanessa finds more than she bargained for:  love, friendship, and a home. Vanessa and Michael (the manager at her newly inherited business) feel the pull of attraction towards each other. Vanessa trusts him, but comes to question this trust when she finds he’s kept something from her.

Valerie, overcome with loss and grief, faces a terrible disease–multiple sclerosis– just as her identity as a mother is threatened. Will she and her husband forge through these trials together or will these upsets cause them to drift apart?

Love seems to bloom in the most unlikely of places in Webaashi Bay for an old friend of Jenay’s and a woman who owns the local dress shop. A parallel tale of love, forgiveness, and reuniting lost things is spun by a local author adding another dimension to the tale of the Gulet twins and their saga.

Coming in Spring of 2020

Silver Moon, the third book in the series: By the Light of the Moon, is a stunning and poignant tale of life on the home front in Webaashi Bay, Ontario and of three men who are part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI.

A young woman hands Luis Wilson a white feather and shames him into joining the fight. His friend, Oshki, doesn’t let Luis go alone and signs up with him. The friends are divided when the tide turns for Luis as he is steered into the depths of espionage. Eventually, his family think him dead, he loses the woman he loves, and he falls for a nurse named, Rose, who lovingly tends him when his eyesight is damaged by a German grenade.

What will happen when Luis finds out that Rose is the mousy-haired, green-eyed witch who started it all by handing him a white feather. Luis blames Rose for turning him into the killer he’s become.

Oshki paints a grim picture of life as a trench soldier. He despairs of ever returning home to his young wife and the daughter he’s never met. His journal entries help him deal with the loss he suffers.

Through her letters, Jimmy falls in love with the girl he picked on in school, Lily Parsons, Luis’s stepsister. Lily is a force to be reckoned with and joins the fight in her own way by organizing events at home to support the Canadian troops.

Natalie, the local cafe owner, battles prejudice and suspicion, while the Canadian government interns her aging German parents in a concentration camp. Will she rise above the bitterness and choose to treat her accusers with kindness in the face of false accusations?

Will the women of Webaashi Bay have enough faith to believe their men will return, and if they do, will they be whole and unscathed?

Check back for more information about Harvest Moon, my last book in the series, coming in fall of 2020.

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