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It’s COVER REVEAL day for my next book, Priscilla, and I am thrilled to share this 1940s, twenty-something farm girl with you.


“Written in an easy-going, intimate language, this is a romantic and tender story that will immersive the reader in the atmosphere of the time, for a fully-rounded read that is gentle in its outlook, but quietly profound about what it means to be a wife and mother in the modern age.”

Self-Publishing Review

Apron Strings Series 


Book three in a string of heartfelt inspirational stories, featuring different women throughout the decades from 1920 to 2020

In the post WWII era of 1946, Priscilla Hadley dreams of being a wife and homemaker, but there’s one big obstacle in her mind—Priscilla has been told she can’t cook to save her life. However, she’s out to prove that wrong, especially to handsome but annoying Aaron Johnson, her twin brother Jeremy’s friend and fishing buddy, who also happens to be the local police lieutenant.

 In an effort to polish up her culinary shortcomings, Priscilla joins a local cooking club. A woman from the club gifts Priscilla a cookbook that could very well put her on the path to realizing her dreams. Much to their surprise, Priscilla and her family find much more than recipes within the cookbook’s pages. What will be its greatest blessing?

With an ailing father and the Wisconsin family farm to help keep afloat, in the absence of two brothers who died in the war, where will Priscilla find the time to learn to cook? Will she renew her faith in the presence of adversity or allow her present fears and past losses to dictate her future? 

Readers of inspirational women’s fiction will be encouraged by Priscilla and her struggle for identity and her love for family and will find themselves tearing up in one scene and laughing in another. With relatable characters, Priscilla is an easy read but yet one not afraid to delve into the fundamental questions of faith. 

“A fabulous Christian novel with true-to-life characters and unexpected twists, Priscilla by Jenny Knipfer is a wonderful addition to the Apron Strings series. Readers will enjoy its fantastic dialogue, practical themes, and applicable lessons.” Readers’ Favorite, five-star review 


Priscilla had not been prepared for the way Aaron looked in his police uniform. The blue fabric of his shirt fitted snugly over his broad chest, and his badge, clipped over his black leather belt— complete with gun and holster—lent an air of authority to his person. As did the stars on his uniform, signifying his rank.

Much to her irritation, her knees weakened as he walked into the kitchen.

Aaron widened his eyes and whistled quietly. “Yowzers!” He jabbed Jeremy in the side with his elbow. “You should’ve told me we were having supper with a movie star.”

He waggled his nicely shaped eyebrows at Priscilla. Her knees wobbled, but she recovered and rolled her eyes. Ignoring him, she started to slice the bread.

“You two sit down,” she commanded in an authoritative voice, with more bluster than she felt. “I’ll take no shenanigans here, Lieutenant Johnson.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Aaron said in a duly reprimanded tone.

He obeyed, but Priscilla saw through that. She was sure he simply bided his time.

Jeremy picked up a slice of the fresh bread. “What in the world happened to this? It’s got enough air in it to float a balloon.”

That rankled Priscilla. She tapped the bread knife on the table to accentuate each syllable in every word she spoke. “I’ll have you know, mister, that it’s no easy task to make bread, and if you wanna complain, then you can take your turn at making it next time!”

Dad reached out a hand and patted her arm. “Now, now, don’t get your feathers in a flutter. Seems like these two fellas got nothing better to do than cause trouble. They’re fixing to enjoy shoveling out the barn if this keeps up.”

Smiling at Dad, Priscilla said, “Thanks.”
She bent down and gave him a peck on the cheek.
Jeremy moaned. “Why do you always take her side?”
Dad shook his head. “Son, when it comes to women, you’ll

soon realize there’s only one side.”
That tickled Priscilla’s funny bone, and she uttered an

unladylike snort, which embarrassed her. Her face heated. Who needed Aaron to make her face turn red, when she could very well do it on her own? She sat down last and pulled her chair closer to the table.

Laughing, Aaron said, “Mr. Hadley, you sure got that right.”

Is that experience talking? Priscilla wondered.

She’d heard Aaron had had a sweetheart before the U.S. had entered the war, but Jeremy had told her he’d received a Jane Doe letter while he’d been away. She pitied him for that. No one deserved to be told he was being dumped when he was out fighting for his country.

Dad said, “And you best remember it.” He reached out a hand on either side of him. “Now, let’s say grace and eat, then you fellas can tell me how fishing went.”


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from Priscilla. I will be sharing more about the book and excerpts in the coming months.

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