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Recently, I revealed the cover of my upcoming novel, The Regal Pink. I am so thrilled with how the cover turned out. I think it exemplifies the main character and the feel of the book very well. Stepping into writing and publishing in the genre of fantasy is new to me, but I knew I needed to have something eye-catching that fit well with what readers can expect from this genre.

The story is based on a Grimm’s tale, The Pink. Of course, I put my own spin on things and will connect the story to two others—also based on other Grimm’s tales but ones that are more well-known—in the series. Next up in the series is The Wildest Rose, which I will start writing soon. I am drafting a rough outline right now. A fun fact: I am writing a gnome into this one, and my oldest grandson came up with the character’s name.

The ebook for The Regal Pink can be pre-ordered now on Amazon. The book releases in e-book and paperback form on May 12th. 

“This inventive novel has more layers than first meets the eye, elevating it far beyond a simple retelling of a familiar story into a uniquely, entertaining, genre-blending work of romantic fantasy.”

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A young man who can grant wishes. A fairy hoping for her wings. A king and queen seeking an heir. 

Far, far away, in the fairy tale kingdom of Evermoor, young, gifted Daniel dreams of escaping his life in captivity and his dastardly Uncle Aldrich. Diana, a flower fairy charged with guiding Daniel, helps him channel his ability to grant wishes, but his uncle exploits Daniel’s gift, stealing the wishes for himself.

Warned not to fall prey to mortal love, Diana keeps a friendly distance from Daniel, but she cannot deny her growing feelings for him. Will she shield her heart or risk losing the chance to ever go back home to the Green Glade and gain her fairy wings?

In the same kingdom, childless King Roderick and Queen Rosalind have become divided by a great sorrow. Battling the wounds of the past, the monarchs make a valiant effort to move forward, but can they learn to trust each other again? What future can the kingdom have without an heir? 

Readers of fantasy, Christian fantasy, clean romance, and YA fantasy will be enraptured with this gripping tale of overcoming the past and embracing hope, layered with romance for both the young and the young at heart.

“Knipfer has created a well-constructed story with all the elements of a classic fairy tale: a royal family, a lost prince, magical creatures, and determined villains.” Readers’ Favorite, five-star review 

“A heady blend of magical realism, myth, and references to God’s force in the world that will involve readers in a complex, appealing rendering of Grimms original ‘The Pink’.” Donavon’s Literary Services 

A short excerpt from The Regal Pink

In the 20th reigning year of King Roderick III Evermoor 1451

She tried to kill me in my dreams.

The vision of it rested as real in Daniel’s mind as the clock on the mantle, which he heard striking midnight. As the clock chimed for the last time, he envisioned Diana hovering over his chest with a raised knife, her eyes wide and wild and her cheeks flushing as brightly as the bloom of a clove-pink. The dream had caused Daniel such terror, his heart still pounded thinking about it.

He sucked in a breath and shivered on his pallet by the hearth, which had now gone cold. Daniel stretched the rough, woolen blanket up to his chin. His eyes searched the small room of what passed for his home, expecting Diana to jump out at him, but no one appeared.
Hopefully, she rested better than he did. Her bed sat behind the muslin curtains sectioning off a corner of the room. The curtains hung suspended like a ghost in the moonlight shining in through the window. The fabric fluttered, brought to life by the draft under the door.

Dwelling on his dream, Daniel understood that it wasn’t the idea of dying that had frightened him. No, it was the fact that his friend, whom he had come to love, had held the knife.
What manner of alarming premonition is this? Daniel couldn’t understand how his mind had fabricated Diana taking up a weapon against him.

Surely not!

Uncle Aldrich, Daniel could see. He did not care for Daniel. He only kept Daniel because he proved useful to him.
Daniel grew tired of working his uncle’s wishes. He dreamed of leaving the hovel they lived in, but he didn’t know where to go. Daniel couldn’t comprehend why his uncle had not wished for a life away from this place. Something surely kept him tethered to such a humble abode, or Uncle would have forced Daniel to lay a path of wishes that led to a richer life.

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I hope you enjoyed the short excerpt from The Regal Pink and look forward to more tidbits of info and excerpts. J

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