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Often in the quotes I share from my books, I tend to choose dramatic ones that have conflict rather than romantic ones. But today I thought I’d give you just a little flavor of Petra’s budding romance with Don, a local fisherman and a frequent customer at the café Petra works at.

These quotes come from the ninth chapter in my soon to be released whodunit novel, By Broken Birch Bay.

Petra is rather gun shy when it comes to relationships. She had previously trusted her heart to a man who left broke it, leaving her expecting his child and alone.

Now, back home in Broken Birch Bay Petra is lowering her defenses once again, and praying this man won’t tread all over her heart like the last one had.


A blog post on how I included how my parents met and fell in love in this book.

A Thursday Throwback pic of me next to my favorite trees.

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