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I promised to share a little bit about one of my main characters, Honey, in my upcoming historical mystery, By Broken Birch Bay. Honey is tall, blonde, mild mannered and almost the exact opposite of her sister, Petra.

The sisters had grown up close, but when Petra had moved away, a part of Honey had gone with her.


August 1924
Broken Birch Bay
For the hundred-millionth time, Honey sent up a prayer of gratitude for Petra being back at home. Honey had grieved when her sister had left eight years ago. Petra had firmly stated, “I’m moving on to bigger and better things than what our quiet life here by Broken Birch Bay can offer, Kiddo, but we’ll stay in touch. Don’t ya worry. And someday I’ll send for you.” Petra had wrapped her sisterly arms around thin, fifteen-year-old Honey, engulfing her in a tight hug.
Well, “someday” hadn’t materialized, but Honey had been okay with that. She loved everything about the bay, their home, and Lake Superior. Her one dissatisfaction had been her sister’s absence from her life. But now, with Petra’s return, things would be different. Hopefully, a better kind of different.
And then there was Jeb. Life had patched the hole in her heart with two people for the price of one. Jeb had put a ring on her finger last month, and they planned to marry by Christmas. At this point in time, life couldn’t look more positive for Honey.


Life seems to have a way of throwing us some big surprises when the road seems smooth and straight forward. And Honey will find that out all too soon.


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  1. Carolyn Maves says:

    Wonderful video, just beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Carolyn!

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