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It’s “To Quote Tuesday.” I made this card up to go with a collection of note cards I’ll be giving away in my Facebook group, Journeying with Jenny, when On Bur Oak Ridge releases on July 29th. The note cards will feature photos I took from around the farm we live one—and that I set the novel on.

It’s often difficult to see how good things can come from painful circumstances. In this excerpt from On Bur Oak Ridge, Molly reminisces about her opera vocal training and singing with a clear voice and without pain.

FACT: I considered pursuing a career in opera at one point. My Italian vocal teacher said I had the talent for it, but I’m thankful my life took a different direction.

Has your life ever changed direction?


My throat pricks, and it feels as if a hand squeezes my neck, trying to choke me. I hate this feeling, even more than the raspy sounds my voice often brings

When I think of the damage I’ve suffered and all that I’ve
lost, it threatens to overwhelm me. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten better, able to push past those terrible feelings, but every once in a while, they come rushing back.

Sometimes in my dreams I sing, still, unencumbered by the pain and damage to my vocal cords. I touch my throat, fingering the familiar, marred skin, sensing the scorching, caustic water as if it were yesterday. The hot splash searing through my skin and down my throat. My vocal cords reaping the scourge of that moment. Instead of seeing the laundry kettle toppling, I see my vocal teacher, Mrs. Strenelli, sitting at the baby grand in her parlor…

Thanks for reading! Have a great start to your week. J

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  1. RobbyeFaye says:

    This sounds really good!
    Congratulations on your upcoming release.

    1. Thank you so much for your interest in On Bur Oak Ridge!

      1. RobbyeFaye says:

        You are very welcome, Jennifer!

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