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Once in a while, here on my blog, I like to offer a bit more about myself and my writing. If you don’t know, I grew up a dairy farmer’s daughter. I numbered six and the caboose in the train of my siblings. My oldest sibling was 18 years older than me. Though I shadowed my brother Tim—eleven years my senior—for a few years, I spent a lot of time alone as a child. 

Being an introvert, that sat okay with me. It fed my imagination in so many ways, from walking around the fields and through the woods, pretending to journey with Anne of Green Gables around Avonlea, to sleuthing with Nancy Drew and spying on my dad, without getting caught, as he worked around the farm. 

I delighted in reading and getting lost in a good book in my growing up years. My favorite place to go on our trips to town was the local library. And I treasured the books I received as gifts. Among some of my favorites were: The Secret Garden, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Mandie books, Anne of Green Gables, and anything by Patricia St. John. What were some of your favorites?

I remember as a kid saying I wanted to be a writer some day. As the years passed that dream faded but came to life again in a very unexpected way. 

My Writing Past:

I’ve always been a journaler and took to blogging and writing poetry in my thirties, but in 2018, when I had to retire from my job as a floral designer due to disability from MS, inspiration or determination struck. Resurrecting an old computer file, in which I had started writing a book eighteen years prior, I set into seriously drafting a novel, and my first book, Ruby Moon, was born. 

My Writing Now:

These last four years, writing novels has given me something to focus on other than my declining health. The year 2021 saw a lot of change for me, as my health worsened. My writing has now slowed with my fatigue level being much higher, but I do what I can. I pray the books I’ll send off into the world this year will be inspiring, encouraging, and enjoyable, to those who come across my work for the first time or are loyal readers. 

What’s Coming Up:

Violet’s Vow releases May 6th, On Bur Oak Ridge, third in the Sheltering Trees series releases July 29th, and By Broken Birch Bay is scheduled for November of this year. 

Author Interview:

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As always, thanks for reading! J

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