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Today, I started the day crying—tired of the same old pain. After wiping my eyes, I felt a poem bursting to come out. I have found that writing poems are healing and a constructive way to express feelings and unburden my soul. Here’s what came out. Perhaps you can relate. We all have experienced pain of one sort or another…

It’s a Pain: a poem

I hate that I am well-acquainted with you, 

You biter, leveler of the strongest soul.

I count all the ways you have invaded my life,

So rudely and cruelly, twisting and turning your knife,

Until I use my last shred of endurance. 

Then you demand more. 

You are a necessary part of life, I know,

Otherwise we would damage this physical tent we wear beyond repair,

And foolishly lay our hearts at everyone’s feet to be trod upon,

But there are days I imagine I could do better,

without your constant grinding, wearing, and zapping of my strength,

Ironically, it’s because of you that I build my strength,

And can face the next challenge.

Because you left me no choice but to exercise my spirit muscle,

The part of me that keeps me moving forward,

Encouraged by the past victories and hopeful for the future ones. 

You are a necessary evil, but I pray for a break, a lapse, 

And a chance to catch my breath,

So I can face tomorrow.



How do you express your pain? I urge to give writing a poem a try. 🙂

Blessings, J

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