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I’m very happy to post my review for The Love Coward, a down-home Christian historical romance, by fellow Wisconsin author, Naomi Musch, who has become a friend and a favorite author.

My Review:

Just after WWII, jilted bride, Tulla Johanson, stuffs her dreams of being married to Burke Delgard and continues working at the local tractor factory to help make ends meet on her family farm. With her mother ill and her father faltering, Tulla doesn’t know how she’ll keep the farm in operation.

Confident he’ll get Tulla back, Burke throws his hat in the ring again, but by this time, Tulla’s friend Walt steps in the way. And on top of that, Burke’s best friend and war buddy, Steven Vandreel “Van”, faces his own attraction to Tulla. However, Van doesn’t wish to step on toes or take a dive into romantic territory, leaving him open to a possible broken heart. 

With Burke away and Tulla needing help on the farm, Van pitches in, bringing him closer to Tulla, and he can’t help his growing feelings for her. But will he be just as much a coward as Burke was?

Will Tulla allow Burke back into her life? Can she define her feelings for Walt, and what about Van, who’s shown her and her family so much kindness? 

Readers of Christian historical fiction and Christian romance will fall in love with this drama of a sweet Wisconsin farm gal and the three men vying for her attention. By the end of the book, you’ll find yourself asking, “Just who is the love coward?” It’s not a black and white answer. 

Musch does a wonderful job of crafting tangible settings and characters, who come to life and pull you into the story. You’ll be sitting down to dinner with the Johansons, picking produce with Tulla, making repairs with Van, and most of all cheering for the love coward to be brave.

Jenny Knipfer

About Naomi in Her Own Words:

“I was born and raised in central Wisconsin but have made my home for many years in Wisconsin’s pristine north woods, where my husband Jeff and I live as epically as God allows near our five young adults and passel of grand-children. Amidst it, I write about imperfect people who are finding hope and faith to overcome their struggles, whether the story venue is rich in American history or along more contemporary lines.

In between my novels I’ve worked as an editor for a small press, a staff writer for an EPA award-winning newspaper, a ghost writer, and I’ve published dozens of magazine and internet articles for the encouragement of homeschooling families and young writers. I am a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Lake Superior Writers. I meet weekly with my local writers’ group the Upper St. Croix Writers. (Come join us sometime!)

Besides writing, my biggest joys are loving on my grandchildren, encouraging homeschoolers and young writers, gardening, camping, taking walks in the woods, and fellowshipping with friends. If you’re a grandparent too, you might enjoy some encouragement from my grandparenting page.”

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Do you read books by authors from your home state? I love to! A few other Wisconsin authors I enjoy are Liz Tolma, Michele Olson, and Jaime Jo Wright.

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