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April was poetry month, and I had wanted to share a poem, but last week I needed a break from a number of things. This poem is still fitting in these early weeks of May.

A Spring Poem

From the chirp of a robin 

to the bright green buds on the trees,

spring emerges,

at first hesitant, creeping forward, like a careful lover

until crocus, the color of royal robes, appear.


Then come daffodils with their bright and cheery faces. 

Next bold tulips join in the chorus.

Rainy days, sunshine, and warm breezes 

all usher in the season of:

rejuvenation, new life, and fresh vision.


Hope springs eternal, as spring is hope incarnate,

ever signaling how life can come

from something which appears dead.


A lush carpet of thick new grass coats the lawn

at the back of the house, 

as thick as a lamb’s wooly coat,

begging me to rest upon it and gaze heavenward.


I wait for the leaves of the trees to burst from their casings

and give the full-fledged performance of the season.

Soon summer will come and take the baton from spring, 

leading it and me into the next phase of life. 


But ever retaining that hope of spring 

and the daybreak of newness around 

every corner of life.

(c) Jenny Knipfer 2021

I hope you are enjoying spring, wherever you are. In the comments, let me know what inspires you the most about spring.

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2 thoughts on “A Spring Poem

  1. Wonderful poem! You have so many vivid figures of speech!

  2. Thanks for reading and the compliment! 😊 Although I have much to work on, description is one of my strong points as a writer.

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