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How does it begin, the act of writing? With discipline and inspiration. Sometimes I have both of those before I open my iPad and write a blog post, a chapter in a novel, a poem etc . . . Other times, it’s one or the other. 

Today, I had no inkling of what to write about for my blog post, but I flipped open my iPad and began, trusting that the words would come. They usually do. On the rare chance that they don’t, I blame tiredness and distraction or a lack of listening. 

Over the years, I have learned to listen to my inner voice and write what comes, in both private journals, public blogs, and in my books. Though I, beta readers, and my author edit and polish my finished manuscripts before they meet the public eye, I allow my words to flow unhindered by thoughts of editing until I finish writing a segment or scene. Writing this way has helped me keep a forward momentum, without bouts of writer’s block. 

Right now, I have almost completed my edits of By Broken Birch Bay, the fourth book in my new series Sheltering Trees, before I submit it to beta readers. Once I send it off to a few readers I’ll allow myself to seriously listen for the characters in my second novella, Violet’s Vow, to speak to me. I started on an opening scene but haven’t had the time to sit down and tune into my characters. I feel a little removed from them, and I must establish a bond with the main characters for writing to proceed naturally. Otherwise, it will be forced and a waste of my time.

May 1898

Fluffing out the head of the peach colored carnations in her hand, an envy built in Violet for the simplicity of the clove scented flower. But although the fragrance held sweetness, carnations were said to have sprung up from Mary’s tears at the cross. A divine flower, birthed in passion. 

Violet knew about spent passion and brought the ruffled carnation petals to her nose, closing her eyes and breathing deeply, remembering Roger.

From my work in progress, Violet’s Vow

I have rough character sketches, the scaffolding of a plot, and the premise, but the story still feels like a connect-the-dot image before the dots are connected. I can sense the bones but the structure has yet to take shape, and for that I’ll need both discipline to set my fingers to the keypad and inspiration and motivation as I listen and ask questions to and about the characters in my mind. 

I hope to start writing in earnest this week and make daily writing goals. I find I write better on a current project and the process runs smoother when I write each day. But with the daily tasks of marketing, moving forward with publishing my next book, In a Grove of Maples, and living a life with MS, my days are full, to say nothing of time with family and other pursuits that I enjoy. 

Writing equates to both my work and my joy, and it brings my life meaning to be able to share inspiration, encouragement, and an enjoyable story with you.

Are you a published author? Do you blog, journal, or dabble in another form of writing?

Please, leave a comment and tell me about your writing. 

Blessings, J

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