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I recently finished The Green Dress and thought I’d share my review with you. Busy with writing and writerly tasks, I don’t have as much time to read as I would like, but I squeeze it in here and there, usually at night.

The Green Dress

By Liz Tolsma 

Accepted into the fold of the Robinson family in 1882, Harriet Peters later grieves the lost of her best friend, Lizzy Robinson, who dies a quick, painful death. 

But Lizzy was not first in her family to pass from unexplained circumstances. Her father went before her, and when a sibling of Lizzy’s dies with similar symptoms, Harriet puts her trust in Dr. Michael Wheaton. Together they look for answers. But will they find the answers before another Robinson dies? 

Is the culprit some strange disease afflicting only the Robinson family, or is it something much more sinister? 

Told in an easy to read fashion, The Green Dress is based on a true story, strange but true. 

My thoughts: 

I enjoyed the book, but by the second chapter I had it figured out. I wish more effort would have been used to hide where the story was going. 

I tend to like books that are poetic in nature or contain wit. I can’t complain about the author’s solid writing style, but nothing endeared me to it either. 

What are you reading?

Have you read of these books in the true colors series? What are you currently reading? What’s next on your list?

Happy Reading! J

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