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I finished this lovely book, recently. I enjoyed it, though the timeline was tricky to follow at first. My review:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Paris Dressmaker, by Kristi Cambron

In the midst of WWII, Lila’s role as a dressmaker morphs into unexpected territory, as she designs gowns for mistresses of the Nazi regime in Paris. However, a loyal Parisienne, Lila uses her skills to do what she can to further the resistance effort, and in while doing so becomes entangled with her pre-war love, Rene. 

Forced to catalog stolen artwork by the Nazis, Sandrine does what she can to protect pieces doomed for destruction. She refuses the attentions of a Nazi officer and endures the scoffing and rejection of her neighbors, who deem her a Nazi collaborator. With hope in her heart that her husband, Christian, still lives, Sandrine presses on.

Will Lila get caught for her part in the resistance work? Will she and Rene rekindle their romance? Will Sandrine fall prey to the officer who wants her? Ultimately, how will the lives of Lila and Sandrine cross? 

Find out in this richly told and detailed depiction of French resistance workers in unusual roles. With a dove-tailed timeline and atmospheric scenes, Cambron crafts an intriguing story of women, fighting in the war for their freedom by doing what they can.

Readers of Christian historical fiction, historical fiction, and women’s fiction will savor traveling back in time to war-torn Paris.

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