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It’s been a while since I sat down and let a poem come to me, so last night I focused on what gaining contentment looks like to me. Here is the product of my effort…

Contentment: a poem

I picture contentment

with open arms,

a soft blanket gathering of 

safety, peace, and love, 

a warm stream 

gushing nothing but comfort,

but that’s not the way it is.


It’s more like a treasure hunt,

finding the gems amidst the fake,

among the thorns, and 

alongside the ordinary. 

A reflected smile, 

a velvety rose petal,

the slant of the morning sun

through the leaded glass window, 

making rainbows 

where none existed seconds before. 


Always looking,

always searching,

soothing my soul

with the beauty 

of simple things

I can be grateful for.



doesn’t fall in my lap,

like manna from above;

no, I build it, brick by brick,

room by room,

and thought by thought.

Until one day it shelters me

and feeds my spirit.


A nest, a mansion, 

a cloud, an embrace,

a flower, those puppy kisses—

these are my building blocks,

my simple tools,

to construct a life of being content,


rather than one of greedy fear, 

of not having

or being enough.

Jenny Knipfer (c) 2021

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