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My last book in the By the light of the Moon series, Harvest Moon, is on a blog tour with The Coffeepot Book Club. This is an excerpt of the blog post of what inspired me to write Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon came about because of a question: what is Maang-ikwe’s story? When I neared the end of writing my third book, Silver Moon, in my series, By the Light of the Moon, I felt like I needed to go back and revisit my character, Maang-ikwe, “Loon Woman”, who plays an essential role in the life of her niece, Jenay, my main character in Ruby Moon. Maang-ikwe’s story came up incomplete for me and she’s my most favorite character, so, of course, I had to tell her story.”


My next bit of news…

I’m almost ready to reveal the cover of my upcoming book, In a Grove of Maples, first in the Sheltering Trees series.

The blurb:

In 1897 newly married Beryl and Edward Massart travel more than one thousand miles from Quebec to farm a plot of land in Wisconsin that they bought sight-unseen. An almost magical grove of maples on their property inspires them to dream of a real home built within the grove, not the tiny log cabin they’ve come to live in. 

Misunderstandings and tempers get the better of them when difficulties and troubles arise. Just months after they wed, Edward leaves pregnant Beryl in the midst of the coming winter to tend the farm and animals while he goes to be a teamster at a northern Wisconsin logging camp. 

Will Beryl and Edward walk into the future together to build their house of dreams in the grove of maples, or will their plans topple like a house of sticks when the winds of misunderstanding and disaster strike?

I’ve already had a lot of interest and am looking forward to getting the start of this series into the hands of readers. If you like to read and review books, I am offering the book to my newsletter subscribers and to those in my Facebook group. Visit my JOIN MY AUTHOR TEAM page to subscribe or join the group.

Blessings, J

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