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For those of you who follow my indie writing and publishing journey, I would like to introduce you to my editor, Sara Litchfield. I became connected to Sara through another writing friend. She did a sample edit on the prologue of Silver Moon for me, which I thought I’d polished sufficiently, and made some adjustments that made the scene better. It’s amazing what a well-trained editing eye will catch. My gratitude goes out to her for uncovering the stumbling blocks and mistakes in my writing. 

Sara has edited Silver Moon, Harvest Moon, and did another proof for me for Ruby Moon. I am happy to have her on board for my next series, Sheltering Trees. The first in that series, In a Grove of Maples, is complete and awaiting formatting and cover design. 

Not just an editor, I can also call Sara a friend. She has encouraged me numerous times throughout my writing process and answered all the questions I’ve tossed her way. It has been a pleasure getting to know Sara. In addition to being a skilled editor, she is also a published author and a talented photographer. From the photos she shares on Instagram, I have discovered that she’s adventurous, likes to travel, has strong friendships, enjoys cooking, loves her Beagle, Gypsy, and has an artist eye for details. 

Living in picturesque New Zealand has given her many opportunities to capture scenes of the landscape through her camera lense. Below is a sampling of a few of the stunning shots she’s taken. 

Sara holds to these values in her business, Right Ink on the Wall, and I can see them in her personal life as well.

From her website: 

HOPE is at the heart of everything we believe at Right Ink On The Wall. Our mission is one of encouragement. We want people to write ink on the wall of the world. And we want to help you make the right mark.

INSIGHT – We address the deeper meaning and the bigger picture. We look at connections and creativity in context.

ENGAGEMENT – We care about your work and words. We explore and engage with your concept, your story, your meaning.

ENCOURAGEMENT – We edit in a positive spirit of support. We endeavor to be precise but not prescriptive, to lift but not limit.

ATTENTION – We give close and careful consideration to detail. Craftsmanship enables clear communication.

JOY – We never want to forget the beauty and excitement of letting words out into the world. Writing ink on the wall is fun and so is playing with the words there.

Learn more about Sara and ways to connect with her on her website:

As always, thank you for reading and connecting with me! J

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  1. Erralee says:

    Very neat! I knew she wrote books but didn’t editing and photography too.

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