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With the new year comes an eagerness for changes in our lives. We make resolutions, set goals, and instill fresh mindsets. I’ve finally taken the time to establish an inventory of what’d I’d like to see change in my life during this year. An importance for setting aside some of the ruts I usually find myself in springs up in me. I desire my life to be cleaner and more free, both inside and out. Let me tell you about the five areas I want to concentrate on and why.


As a Christian my faith is an integral part of who I am. Every pattern of thinking and action stems from the health of my walk with God. I’ve chosen to deepen that connection this year with a commitment to begin my days with prayer and reading the Bible. It’s been a goal of mine to read through the Bible in a year, and this year I’m going to do it! Prayer helps me focus on thankfulness, what’s truly important, and allows me to release my burdens. 


By far, my biggest challenge in living with MS is not my physical disabilities but the inner frustration those tend to produce. Not being able to do simple tasks like put my socks on, unaided, stand at the sink and wash the dishes, cook a meal, cut my meat up, write, button a shirt, and countless other things aggravate me. But I can’t waste my days being constantly frustrated. I want to release it and be content, despite my obvious deficiencies. 


When I choose to be grateful first, my mind doesn’t dwell on the things I don’t have or can’t do. I cultivate an abundant life, rather than a depleted and defeated one. Gratefulness keeps me from being envious, jealous, and greedy.


I’m hardest on myself, not kind or gracious enough. I need to be conscious of the words I say, regarding my person and lift myself up instead dragging myself down. This keeps light frustration from leaking into harmful behaviors and emotions.


I wish to be more intentional with each day and focus on establishing: a schedule that’s not too demanding, healthy relationships, finding joy in the journey, and room for myself to simply be and breathe, not pressuring myself to produce something.

There. That’s a start. Everyday I plan to think over these goals and send up a prayer for help in implementing them.

How about you? What changes do you wish to see in your life in this new year?

Thanks for reading! Blessing to you in this new year, J

2 thoughts on “Fresh Life Changes

  1. Linda McCutcheon says:

    Thank you for sharing this very personal journey. It has helped me deal with my own disabilities. Bless you!

  2. Thanks for reading, Linda! I am glad my thoughts are an encouragement for you, my friend! 🙂

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