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This photo was taken by my husband on a frosty morning in our back yard.

With a new year in mind, I recently wrote a poem in simile form about hope, how I see it and what it means to me.

Hope: a poem in simile

Hope is ….

obtuse, ethereal, and misty

but also 

a life preserver, 

an anchor in life’s storms, 

and a star to set our course by.

Hope is . . .

a ghost of a whisper, 

a plea in the dark, 

and a dream of a dream

but also

real, a light, and essential.

Hope is . . .

evasive, slippery, and demanding 

but also

can be captured, if one is careful, 

held to, if one has faith, 

and governed, if one has courage.

Hope is . . .

sometimes more than I deserve, 

an unlikely wish for freedom in the dungeons of life, 

and a pedestal, too far above me

but also 

universal, fathomable, and attainable.

Hope is . . .

a prayer when all appears lost, 

how we place one foot in front of the other, 

and the nourishment of our spirits

but also

invisible, weighty, and insatiable. 

Hope is . . . 

a huntress, stalking the future, 

an exhausting cycle, 

crushing in its loss

but also

meat, breath, and life to our souls.

Hope is . . . 

Jenny Knipfer (c) 2021

How do you see hope?

Thanks for reading and many blessings in the new year! J

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