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This month I have posted what I am thankful for each day on Instagram and Facebook. It has been both challenging and rewarding. Click on the linked words to see what I’m thankful for.


I’ve stayed up reading the last few nights until 11:00, trying to make significant progress on All the Light We Cannot See. It has around 550 pages, a big commitment, but it has been on my list of books to read for some time. It is set during WWII but from different perspectives than what I have previously read in fiction. I have about 150 pages left and am enjoying it so far.

Short Synopsis:

Young, blind Marie-Laure learns to function without her father when he is arrested for hiding a precious blue diamond that the Nazi’s seek. She and her recluse of an uncle become embroiled in the sending of secret missives into the night.

Orphaned pre-teen Werner Pfenning grows up fast when his technical skills are put to use by the Third Reich. Surviving his training, he’s hunting those in France who are engaged in the resistance.

Beautifully written with an old-fashioned storytelling feel, All the Light We Cannot See so far has been a satisfying read. NOTE: for those sensitive to violence or course language, readers will find some instances of this within the story.

Coming next week on my Wednesday Book Blog:

Relentless Joy, by Jennifer Lynn Cary. I really enjoyed this title, and l think readers of Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, and Christian Romance will as well.

Other Reading This Coming Month:

I have scheduled Mr. Dickens and His Carol, by Samantha Silva, Falling Pomegranate Books: All Manner of Things, by Wendy J. Dunn, and A Painter in Penang, by Clare Flynn, and I am looking forward to reading them all. In January through the Coffee Pot Book Club, I will be hosting Clare and Wendy on my blog with my reviews and information about their books—Clare on the 5th and Wendy on the 18th.

Blue Moon Book Tour:

For the next few weeks, my book, Blue Moon, will be on tour with Celebrate Lit Book Tours. Read my kickoff post, reviews, and sign up for a giveaway of a $25.00 Amazon gift card and a pair of handmade, Blue Moon themed earrings.

Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

May you be blessed with good food, friends and family, and of course good books to read. Warmly, J

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