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I am thankful for entertaining books that hold my attention but also provide something a little meatier. With almost thirty books to her credit, Lynn Austin doesn’t disappoint. I’ve read many of her books over the years. I’ve found If I Were You to be one of her best.

My Review:

Told in segments during and after WWI, the stories of Eve Dawson and Audrey Clarkson tangle and weave through opposite social circles, friendship, bombings, and wartime work until they collide when one friend assumes the other’s identity. 

While her mother is a maid to Audrey’s family, Eve befriends Audrey when they are children, but as they age their social standing separates them until the war brings them back together again. 

Both women serve as drivers and mechanics during the war and even go so far as to ferry stranded troops home in Audrey’s family yacht. They both give their hearts away to American soldiers: Eve’s to a man who’s already married and Audrey’s to a good-looking, rich serviceman who’s engaged to someone else. 

Rich, pampered, quiet, and sheltered, Audrey ends up envying poor, beautiful, and out-going, Eve. But little does Audrey know that Eve wishes she was Audrey and that she had the family who’s waiting for her in American. 

Who will the war take and who will it leave? Will Audrey be able to forgive Eve for stealing what isn’t hers to take? Will Eve regain the faith she had as a child or let her losses turn her bitter?

Fans of wartime fiction, Christian fiction, historical fiction, and Christian historical fiction will sink into this well-written drama with a unique slant. 

Austin tangibly intertwines the friends’ stories in a believable and fresh way, opening up the readers’ hearts to feel a myriad of emotions—from grief to joy, from jealousy to happiness. 

Not surprisingly, I give it five-stars. I’ve not met a book of Austin’s I didn’t like. Thanks, Lynn for writing quality Christian fiction.

What are you reading? Did you have a favorite title so far this month?

As always, thanks for reading my Wednesday book reviews! Happy Reading! J

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