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Fall has arrived in Wisconsin. A few nights ago, a hard frost burnt and shriveled the flowers in my deck boxes. I sat outside yesterday, enjoying the sunshine despite the chilly temperature. This bit of prose come to me as the drama of a few leaves unfolded nearby. 

The Dance of the Oak Leaf

A dry, brown oak leaf swirls in an eddy, little less than three feet wide, in front of the entrance to my home.

It scrapes, crackling against the cement. Round and around it goes, dancing in rhythm to the wind chime hanging nearby. 

How many elliptical turns will it make before staying still?

Now the brittle oak leaf settles; the wind dies. The sun warms me as I watch from my rocking chair, waiting for it to dance and perform again. 

I’m caught up in the drama as suddenly, an almost magical gust of air sets it in motion. Another actor enters the stage; a smaller crumpled leaf orbits the oak leaf, like the earth to the sun. 

Round and around they go, twirling swiftly, until the eddy breaks and drops them, a tiny tornado depositing its debris upon its exit. 

All quiets. The chimes give up their song, and the oak leaves rest in the afternoon sun, flat, faded leather-brown. 

I imagine them waiting for a gust again, perhaps longing to taste life once more. 

Thanks for Reading

I hope you enjoyed this taste of fall. Below are some photos of the season that I took on my rambles with my little dog, Ruby.


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Harvest Moon:

In my upcoming book, Harvest Moon, as in the other books in the series, I have literary quotes beginning each chapter. This quote speaks of the heartache of the tale, yet the hope.

You have pierced my soul,

I am half agony. Half hope…

I have loved none but you.

Jane Austen, Persuasion

2 thoughts on “The Dance of the Oak Leaf

  1. Love “Dance of the Oak Leaf”, makes me want to go sit out on our deck after reading it. Yes, a little chilly maybe, but with a whole new different perspective. With the wind chimes on our deck, will make it even more inviting🥰

  2. Thanks for reading, Joyce! I love this time of year!

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