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I absolutely loved Echo Among the Stones by fellow Wisconsin author, Jamie Jo Wright. It’s the perfect read for October, with its spooky overtures.

My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Answering a call for help, Aggie Dunkirk finds herself in the small Wisconsin town her grandmother, Mumsie, lives in. While she’s there, helping Mumsie, Aggie takes a job at the local cemetery working with an equally frustrating and attractive man, Collin, an anthropologist hired to help sort out the graves and determine which body belongs where after a flood. 

Still grieving the loss of her mother from cancer, Aggie is unprepared for the strange and creepy occurrences she unearths. And almost as disturbing, Aggie’s attraction and reliance on her working partner grows. Will Aggie nip her feelings for Collin in the bud, or will she allow them to blossom? Will she move past old family issues to get to heart of the mystery of Hazel Grayson, a misplaced woman, long buried in the cemetery?


Imogene walks into the attic bedroom of her family home and a horrific scene of the murder of her sister. In spite of the effort of law enforcement, Imogene works on her own to define the suspects and comprehend why would anyone kill her gentle, sweet sister. 

Taking a job at the local munitions plant where her sister worked, Imogene strives to uncover any clues or connections, which might lead to apprehending her sister’s killer. 

With the aid of a morbid diorama and recorded testimony, past meets the present as the mystery slowly unravels to answer the question of: what happened to Hazel Grayson? 

I thoroughly enjoyed this historical fast-paced, heart-wrenching, slightly spooky, and emotional novel, masterfully told in a split-timeline. This is the first book I’ve read by Jamie Jo Wright, and it won’t be the last! 

Readers of suspense, mystery, historical fiction, and Christian fiction will find themselves drawn into this richly-layered and well-written novel.

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2 thoughts on “Echo Among the Stones

  1. Josie Siler says:

    I have read all of Jaime Jo’s books and I absolutely adore them! Each new book she writes becomes a new favorite. You’re in for a treat as you read more of her books. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I believe you recommended this one. 😊 I bought her newest one as well.

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