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The name of this book intrigued me, so with a recommendation from a friend, I downloaded the Kindle book. At the time I downloaded, it was listed in Amazon’s free Prime Reads, a perk of membership that I love.


Margot De Wilde is an unconventional woman, more predisposed to view life through the filter of numbers than feelings. Working as a code breaker during The Great War, Margot meets Drake, whom she prayed for and saw as associated with “number 18”, even before they met.

Not the Navy man his sister, Dot, thinks he is, Drake operates as a spy. His encounter with the enemy leaves him wounded. While he recovers he meets Margot, who brushes off his attempts at flirting. But Drake soon realizes that Margot captures his attention like no other woman has. 

Although she eventually comes to appreciate Drake, Margot has a hard time letting Drake get close to her. When Drake speaks her language of numbers, her feelings grow. In addition Margot must learn to keep functioning after a recent tragedy in her life makes her ask some hard questions about her faith and of God. 

Dot and Margot become friends driving Drake and Margot together into tighter circles. They eventually end up working together to uncover some secrets and find someone they both hold dear. But will they find what they need in time? Will the language of love be understood between Margot and Drake, or will they be divided, ever ending in disparity. 

Readers of Christian historical fiction will enjoy this wartime spy novel of intrigue and unconventional romance. 

I enjoyed it, but gave it four stars instead of five. My reasons: 

I had significant trouble relating to the main character, Margot. Her thinking process is polar opposite of mine. About 3/4 of the way through the book that became a little easier. 

The “bad guy” had a perspective in the book, but I would liked to have known more about him. He jumps in about half-way through the book. I would have either left out his viewpoint or written more about him. 

All in all, a good book. I’ll definitely read more by Rosanna White.


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