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I woke up smiling this morning, thinking about posting my review today. I enjoy blogging about the books I’ve read and am happy to share my thoughts with you.

MY REVIEW: The Girl Who Came Home, by Hazel Gaynor

1912: Maggie Murphy and a number of folks from her hometown in Ireland board the Titanic and set out toward a new life in America. Aboard ship they befriend a steward, Harry, who ends up providing assistance, just when Maggie and her friends need help the most. Will Maggie and her countrymen survive the tragic maiden voyage of the infamous ship? 

1982: With the help of her grandmother, journalist, Grace Butler, writes a stellar article, featuring a firsthand account of that fateful last day on Titanic. The story she uncovers changes her and her family forever. 

Based on true stories and told in a split timeline, The Girl Who Came Home is a poignant drama of things both lost and found. 


Although Hazel Gaynor is one of my favorite authors, I gave this book only four stars. I did not love the story compared to her others books. Maybe I’ve just seen and read one too many Titanic tales. It seemed similar to other stories. I also found a few instances where the point of view didn’t line up. With a multi-POV, scenes should be restricted to just one perspective. She had several in spots. 

I would still recommend this book to readers of historical fiction who enjoy split timelines and stories of the Titanic. 

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I signed up to be a book blog tour host through Coffee Pot Book Club. My first review is coming up on September 16th for The Queen’s Devil, by Paul Walker, third in a series of spy novels set in the late 1500’s. I am almost finished with it and am enjoying it!


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