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For me reading has progressed slower than writing this week. Thus, I have not finished the book I’m reading, The Girl Who Came Home, by Hazel Gaynor. Next week I will post a review.

So, instead of a traditional review post of a book that I’ve read, I thought I would post portions of reviews from my latest book, Silver Moon, set in Canada and France during WWI.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying:

I would think it would be difficult to write about war, so it is obvious Jenny did much research to make the war scenes, actions, and attitudes realistic. And it was touching to see the struggles of the women and families left back home in Canada as they try to be supportive and stay encouraged. Those scenes, the women back home, reminded me of one of the Anne of Green Gables books that was set in WWI. Jenny is so good at giving us characters that we care about and want to know what happens next. I definitely recommend Silver Moon.” Carolyn M.

“The way the men looked at war was interesting to read. Although we cannot know what these veterans of war actually think and feel this book has some very interesting insight into this. The plight of Christian men being told to kill other humans was a real concern felt by many soldiers. How they felt and the guilt they felt that they survived when other’s did not.” Shirley M.

“Ultimately, Silver Moon is a story of forgiveness, second chances, prayer and patience. Although told through multiple characters, Lily and Luis carry the main threads. An epilogue wraps up this story line. Harvest Moon, the fourth in the series, is scheduled for release later this fall and I look forward to reading it.” Lisa L.

Jenny brought to life what many experienced during this time period, both on the battlefield and back at home. Her characters are ones readers will come to care about. The book ends with a bit of a surprise, leaving me anxious to read what happens next in this story or possibly what was happening in another place at the time of the first three books in the series.” Jane M.

Jenny Knipfer completely outdid herself in her latest novel, Silver Moon. The third installment in her By the Light of the Moon series, again we enter the beloved Wabashi Bay and are quickly immersed in the lives of Lily, Oshki, and Luis. However, this book soon takes a much darker turn than its predecessors, for our characters find themselves unable to resist the evils of WWI. Not a light hearted read, this book will engulf your senses, evoking the deepest and highest of emotions as you cheer and cry for the survival of dearly loved characters.” Amazon Customer

There is a lot of loss, which is to be expected in times of war, but there are also some very touching moments in the book as well. I was kept on the edge of my seat at times wondering what the outcome was going to be. This was a very touching and heartfelt story that I highly recommend.” Bear Reader

This book will make you hold your breath waiting to see what will happen to our beloved characters as Knipfer puts them through their paces. You’ll want to cry, support, and rejoice in their triumphs as they experience WW1 and its many dangers.” Lori P.

“If you like historical wartime novels this one will be right up there at the top for you. Split timelines, excellent writing, a powerful drama, wonderful romance and nail biting suspense regarding whether the main characters are going to make it through the war alive.” Stella P.

Happy Reading! J

Do you enjoy reading historical fiction? In the comments, tell me about a favorite of yours. 🙂

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