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Instagram has been a big help with gleaning new ideas for books to read. I came across Pat’s profile on Instagram and read about her books. This tile sounded interesting, and I am glad that I picked the Kindle book up. I learned a lot about the notorious outlaw and some of the reasons he did what he did.

My Review:


I Am Mrs. Jesse James, by Pat Wahler, reveals the passionate but tumultuous connection of cousins, Zerelda (Zee) Mimms and Jesse James and their love story, riddled with tension, secrets, and lies. 

Zee ministers to her cousin, tending to his wounds from a shooting by Federal soldiers, but the Civil War for James, a Southerner, incurred more than battle wounds. A personal vendetta burned in him to get revenge for the atrocities incurred on his family and neighbors by the Federal troops. 

With Zee’s help Jesse recovers from his physical wounds, but the inner ones run much deeper. He and his brother, Frank, team up, forming a band of outlaws wreaking havoc on Federal businesses and private citizens in retribution. Jesse keeps much of his nefarious activities hid from Zee or explains them away, telling her that the papers weren’t reporting the truth. 

Despite protests from her family Zee eventually marries Jesse. In between times of marital bliss, Jesse travels with his gang, and Zee is left wondering what kind of man she married. They are blessed with children but grieve a deep loss. The little family moves time and time again in an effort to keep Jesse’s identity secret. Zee dislikes using a false name and lying to her friends and neighbors and teaching her children to do the same. 

Zee constantly fears that Jesse will be caught and killed or punished for his crimes. After many years of shifting around, her hope of firm roots seems to come to fruition as they settle on a ranch to raise horses. But just as they settle in, the unexpected happens and ends it all, after which Zee reveals, “Yes, I am Mrs. Jesse James.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written saga of Jesse and Zee James. Fans of historical fiction, western fiction, clean fiction, and historical romance will enjoy this tale of an ill-fated love. 

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