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I enjoy finding new authors and purchasing books that I want to read for a change. For many years, I used the library system and requested and borrowed books that interested me, but now I would like to enjoy and keep most of the novels I read. So far I’ve hit the mark 75% of the time and have not been disappointed with my selections. Following the hashtags #historicalfiction and #christianhistoricalfiction on Instagram has helped me in choosing titles in my genres.

My review for The Summer Country, released last month:

The Summer Country


The Summer Country, by Lauren Willig, paints a historical picture of life on a sugar plantation in 19th century Barbados. 

Emily Dawson inherits Peverills, a sprawling, derelict plantation, from her grandfather. Amidst a backdrop of unrest and slavery, she goes to Barbados with her cousin Adam and his wife to claim it. 

Mystery about the plantation’s past seeps out as the story progresses, and Emily must choose between a forbidden attraction and an expected match. 

A split timeline discloses the past through various characters, that unbeknownst to Emily, are irrevocably linked to her past and her very identity. 

Lovers of historical fiction with split timelines, strong characters, romance, and a bit of mystery will enjoy this enchanting read by gifted writer, Willig. 

Happy Reading!

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2 thoughts on “The Summer Country

  1. Ruth Everson says:

    How interesting! I was reading Summer Country about the same time as you were. I wasn’t sure I would like the novel when I started as I had a hard time keeping track of the characters. Eventually I came to the point where I was looking forward to reading more. A great twisting plot and a chance to understand the island culture.

    1. I’ve read a few of her books now and really enjoyed them. She usually has a surprise at the end.

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