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With my book launch coming up for Silver Moon, I did not have time to finish the book I’m currently reading, The Summer Country, by Lauren Willig, released June 9th. I’m enjoying it very much and am thankful that I saw one of her books recommended on Instagram. I’m becoming a big fan of hers. My review should be posted on my blog next Wednesday.

So today I thought I’d share some vintage romance books dear to my heart. These are all by Essie Summers, a favorite author of my mom’s. Summers sold over 19 million copies of her books in 105 countries. The copyright for No Orchids By Request, which is my favorite, reads 1965–back when Harlequin Romance books were fairly innocent in content.

I do not care for reading strictly romance books, but I do like revisiting these vintage paperbacks now and then. In part because they remind me of my mom, who’s been gone twenty years now, but also because they are short and sweet and set in New Zealand, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

The back copy reads:

After Stephen had let her down, it was certainly a fillip to Elizabeth Stirling’s ego to have the attractive Jeremy Ffoulkes paying court to her. But Jeremy had a wild past and a background of a broken marriage. Was he any more trustworthy than Stephen had been?


“She remained deeply ashamed of her words, yet made no move to ring Jeremey. She had decided to manage her life sensibly and never again be swayed by a man’s wayward charm, so it would be foolish and wrong to encourage him. And you couldn’t get through life, she supposed, without hurting someone, somewhere, some time.”

If you love vintage romance books, I highly recommend these. You can still find a few books for sale from private owners on Amazon or eBay also has a good selection .

What is a favorite vintage novel–romance or otherwise–of yours?

Happy Reading! J

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