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I can hardly believe only one week remains until Silver Moon releases! It’s my hope that between the pages of my WWI historical novel readers will not only be entertained but encouraged with the idea that hope prevails, even during the hardest of times.

I’ve found that to be true in my life, and I wrote that unto the story of Silver Moon.

Character Highlights:

I thought it would be fun to give you a taste of what the main characters in Silver Moon are like. Following read a little blurb about each and hear from them…


The main protagonist struggles with his role as a spy vs. his personal identity. Thrown into the mix, Luis loses his heart to a woman who sets the whole thing in motion.

“I lie back and think of the first life I took and the last. Well, the ones I know about. The ones who looked me in the eye before I did my job. Deep down, I wonder what it was all really for. The killing.

Revenge? Greed? World domination?

“I wish I had asked myself these questions a couple of years ago when I signed up for a life of lies. Well, I never volunteered, exactly. I was recruited.”


A nurse who battles the war against the wounded discovers how her actions have impacted the lives of those in her care. She struggles with her past actions and the lost of a past love.

It isn’t fair this war, this taking of lives which aren’t meant to be cut off so soon. Her heart railed against it, and a hard place began to form. Rose encased her wounded heart in a splintered box of anger. Anger at war. Anger at stupid men who fought in stupid wars. Anger at God.”


Oshki joins WWI with old buddy, Luis, but they end up taking different paths. He finds strength from writing his thoughts in a journal his mother gave him before he left. His letters home to his wife, Mauve, paint a picture of the grim reality of life in the trenches.

I cramp out a few lines here before our next attack. These scribbles give me a release from bearing the burden of the pain within me and the wreckage all around me. We are all a little more prepared this time. We expect them to come again with the gas, so we will be outfitted with masks.

I will try to be courageous. I never really knew what the word meant . . . until now.


She must gain strength from her faith, family, and friends to keep going in Oshki’s absence with another life growing within her. Head-strong and willful, Mauve learns to connect with her mother in a way that she hasn’t in the past, while Oshki’s family becomes as dear as her own.

“She missed the touch of her friend and husband. She’d been told by her grandmarm that everyone interpreted love in a number of different ways. Some people felt loved when spoken well of, showered with gifts, served in some way, or given devoted times with those they loved. But Mauve responded to, longed for, and remembered his touch and the feel of him next to her the most.”


Jimmy fights along the Western Front. He gains hope from connecting with an old school mate, Lily Parsons, who quickly becomes something more. He perseveres to make it back home to Lily, when life after life next to him ends.

“Jimmy looked around at the approaching dusk. He tried to remember how many sunsets he’d seen in France—too many to count.

“He’d lost track. He’d seen enough to last a lifetime.
He sighed again, got up, and walked to his post to be a look out for enemy activity.

Lily, Lily, Lily, he hammered into his head.
He was doing this for Lily, and he didn’t have much of a choice. It was either you fought or you died. And he was not going to die.”


Step-sister to Luis, Lily fits her lion-hearted nature well and takes up the cause of a friend, accused of being a spy. She rallies the ladies of Webaashi Bay, Ontario and forms a women’s club to do what they can to further the war effort. Her letters to Jimmy become his anchor in the midst of the war.

“Lily folded the letter, settled it in its envelope, and put it back in her pocket. Then she did something utterly unlike her. She sobbed. She buried her head in her knees, and tears drenched her legs, as she wailed, emitting pitiful, low groans. Gitchi-gami swept forward and back, undisturbed by her travail.

“In a few moments, she quieted and did another rare thing. She prayed—not for her own hurting heart, but for Jimmy, Luis, and Oshki too.”

I hope you enjoyed this window into the lives of the characters from Silver Moon.

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Blessings, J

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