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The Forgotten Room ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

By Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig

Historical fiction in setting, The Forgotten Room tells the romantic, triad tale of Olive, Lucy, and Kate. Their stories—separated by a spilt timeline of about twenty years between each perspective—paints an intricate puzzle of old passions, family ties, and secrets.
All three characters and their love interests play a part in a secret room sequestered away in an old mansion and a painting of a dark-haired woman wearing a ruby pendant. What is it that binds all three women to the forgotten room?

The writers reveal the plot bit by bit, surprising the reader at the very end with the last piece of the puzzle. The Forgotten Room is a well-told tale of diving into the depths of passion come what may vs. the age-old predicament of practically. These scenarios ply against each other, two sides of the same coin; some characters choose one side, while some choose the other. As a reader, you’ll end up questioning which you would choose.

I would place The Forgotten Room in the historical romance genre. The story does contain intimate scenes, but they are tastefully done and not described in vivid detail for those readers who enjoy a tamer romance.

I don’t typically read romance, but I really enjoyed this book!

What are you reading?

Next week, I’ll share my TBR pile with you. I have acquired a healthy stack, and I have a number of Kindle books waiting on my iPad as well. I enjoy reading so much, and even as a busy writer, I will always make time to read!

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