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Instead of a traditional book review today, I wanted to give you a preview of my soon-to-be-released novel, Silver Moon.

Life progresses with resilience despite trouble times. It’s true today, and it was true during WWI. In a scene from my upcoming book—RELEASE DAY IS JUNE 30TH—Mauve and her mother, Ellie argue about Mauve’s forthcoming wedding on the eve of her fiance’s enlistment in WWI.

Scene from Silver Moon:

“Ack . . . Marm. It’d be foolish for us to wait. We love each other, so why should we?” 

Mauve stood with her hands on her hips and demanded her mother give her plausible reasons to refuse the man she loved. Her red, wavy hair flowed down her back, tumultuous as her attitude. She glimpsed her reflection in the small mirror on the wall in the kitchen as her temper flared. A perturbed expression was etched on her square face. Mauve watched the hardness she felt come to the surface of her features. It gave the set of her jaw a decisively masculine edge. 

“Well, that’s all very well an’ good, but what will ‘appen when Oshki leaves ye with a child and off to war ‘e goes?” Ellie put to her. “You need ta be realistic. Fairy tales don’t build t’ world.” 

“Should we put our lives on hold because of what could happen? The future isn’t guaranteed for anyone and . . .” 

“Don’t talk to me as if ye are t’ one to be telling me what’s what. I’ve lived a wee bit more o’ life than ye have.” Ellie slammed her coffee cup down on the kitchen table. A bit of the brew splashed out and soaked into the table covering. 

“I’m not, I’m just saying . . .”
“I know what ye’re saying all right!”
Mauve watched her mother visibly simmer down and lick her taut lips. 

Ellie continued in a more controlled tone.
“T’ fact of t’ matter is, during war things are different. People change. 

Life changes. I worry for ye is all.” Ellie reached for Mauve’s hand. Their breakfast sat unfinished on the kitchen table. The younger children were already off to school. But Mauve pulled away. 

“You just don’t understand.” Mauve turned and walked away, but then stopped and spoke one last thing without turning back to face her mother. “I’ll do what I think best, with or without your and father’s blessing.” 

“Isn’t that what ye always do?” Ellie said in a quiet but bitter voice. 

Thanks for reading this excerpt.

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Blessings, J

2 thoughts on “Life Despite Troubled Times

  1. Linda McCutcheon says:

    So excited for your latest creation to come to life for us all! June 30th is now highlighted on my calendar not just for my son’s birthday! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Linda! I’ll be sure to save you a hardcopy of Silver Moon, but if you want an ePub or Mobi/Kindle file let me know. I have those available now.

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