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On Wednesdays I have shared what I’m reading and book reviews on my Instagram page. Read my previous reviews by visiting my page and clicking on the “Reviews” highlight button. However, I am excited to translate my love of reading to my blog. I plan to post every Wednesday with an update on my reading and share a photo and/or review of a book that I have read, starting with this sweet historical fiction book by Rachel Fordham.

Books I Love to Read:

*Historical Fiction

*Christian Historical Fiction

*Literary Fiction


Once in a while I’ll read outside of my usual genres to highlight and help a fellow author or if I come across something that peaks my interest. This last week I finished Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham, which is currently free in Kindle version through Prime Reads or Kindle Unlimted.

Book Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham

It’s been a while since I read as sweet a story as this book portrays. I am not much for romance novels. I prefer to have a more literary or deeper read, but The Hope of Azure Springs contained likable characters, nuggets of wisdom, and enough mystery to keep my interest, even though there really wasn’t the sexual tension present in most romance fiction. I actually appreciated this. The on-again/off-again tension between romantic counterparts in novels gets often overdone and predictable. 

The story follows Em, rescued from a desperate situation with a tragic past. With this background she patterns her belief in the assumption that she’s not worthy of being chosen or being called beautiful. 

Caleb, the local lawman and Em’s rescuer, builds a friendship with her despite the obstacles. They develop feelings for each other, but their depth is put to the test as each of them discovers what love looks like and what it does not. 

I really enjoyed this lovely story. I might have made Em’s emotional struggles a little deeper. With the amount of hurt and neglect she carried, she did seem to rise above her issues with out too much inner conflict. 

Thanks for Reading!

Thank you for reading my first blog post on book reviews! I hope you visit me again to read more.

Happy reading! J

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