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Spring always puts me in the mind to organize and do a little deeper cleaning than usual. My husband helped me clean out our entryway closet, and I have plans to organize my books and a few other areas.

I never minded cleaning my home, when I could. My muscle weakness from MS doesn’t allow me to do my past cleaning routine; I have help with that now. I liked the way lemon wood cleaner tingled my olfactory receptors, and the slight squeak of the polishing cloth against the wood tables was music and my ears. It always felt good to leave the bathroom sparkling and the floors clean. Today, my thoughts revolve around cleaning, but not the typical kind . . .

I didn’t know what to say today, when I sat down to write this post. My thoughts seemed small. There isn’t much to tell you in the face of the pandemic that has the world in its grip. It seems surreal, and I have to agree that truth is really stranger than fiction.

My World:

 But to be honest, my little world has not changed much. I don’t get out on my own like I used to, so staying at home isn’t new for me. I’ve gotten good at puttering around the house, finding ways to fill my time up, and thankfully, I enjoy being at home. 

When I’ve caught up on what’s happening outside of my small bubble, I’ve pinched myself a few times and reminded myself that this is real. An entity we can’t even identify with the naked eye calls the shots, and humanity moves like pawns on a chessboard. Well, that isn’t entirely true, at least I don’t believe so. 

We Live in the Now:

I trust that God is in control. That helps me sleep at night and keeps me from developing an ulcer from worrying. But no matter what your spiritual beliefs are, I think we can all agree that on Earth we live in the now—a moment in time—this breath you take, the tick of a clock, the beat of your heart. We must be present in this moment and abide here because our next isn’t guaranteed. That’s what makes life precious. 

The past is history and the future is a hope, but the now? We only have “the now.” How do we live in the moment, enjoying life as it speeds by? It helps me to pitch the things which weigh me down and do a sort of inner cleaning. I don’t want to waste my time on consuming emotions which will rob me of the peace of life’s moments.

My Advice on Cleaning:

Turn off the news. Set down your phone. Don’t be a part of that negative conversation on social media. Breathe. Pray. Be.

Do some inner spring cleaning with me: fling off fear, wring out worry, hack out hatred, evict envy, pinch prejudice in the bud, dredge out despair, AND INSTEAD, call on courage, practice peace, let love be your first action, crave contentment, judge not lest you be judged, hold onto hope. 

Perhaps you’re shaking your head as you read this. Does this sound like too much work? Or maybe you’ve tried before and not succeeded in exchanging some of these negative feelings for positive ones. We all struggle with that because we’re human. If you want a cleaner inner-house, but don’t know how to get started, ask God for help. He takes joy in answering prayers like that. I’m confident He’ll show you the way to a tidier inner abode.

A Challenge:

I challenge us all to think a little harder, dig a little deeper, pray a little more, and clean out more than our cupboards this spring. May a physical inventory prompt an inner one. That’s what I’m striving for. 

Blessings and prayers to you for health inside and out during this world crisis. J

2 thoughts on “Inner Spring Cleaning

  1. Judy Abel says:

    Yes, Jenny! I am with you and God has been speaking to me concerning some inner cleaning too! I love how you phrased that! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Judy for reading and commenting! When more quiet times come, it’s a great opportunity to think about those types of things. 🙂

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