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With our current health crisis, we have been told to distance ourselves socially from others and stay at home in our nest. 

Home. It conjures up a feeling of safety, warmth, and love. It’s where my husband and I have built a comfortable nest. I’ve surrounded myself with things that I like: cozy furniture, plants, books, dishes, special momentos, crafting paraphernalia, home decor. But mainly home means being with the people closest to me. At this stage in life that amounts to my hubby and Ruby, our dog; yes, I consider Ruby a person. My oldest son stays with us too, for now, but I hardly see him. He’s either busy working, relaxing after work, fishing, or spending time with friends. I love the days when we all—hubby, me, our two sons, daughter-in-law, and grandson—gather around the table, sharing a meal. 

For some folks the idea of social distancing and staying at home for lengthy periods of time causes anxiety, boredom, and a longing to be with others. If you are an extrovert, the idea of being penned-up in your home away from people could be troubling. Luckily these days it’s easy to stay connected via social media and visual calls. 

But maybe you’re the person who finds the thought of enduring days of your own company unnerving. I’ve never had a problem with tolerating my own company. Then again, I’m an introvert. I often experience secret glee when an appointment on my calendar gets canceled—for one reason or another—and I get to stay home. As long as I would be able to have a pet, I’d be a passable hermit. 

How I manage social distancing? 

Because of my health and my mobility issues, I’ve been practicing social distancing for many months without realizing it. What do I do all day at home? 

  • I check social media. This has been a way for me to interact with readers and writers as an author and hear from friends and family that I don’t often see. Many people complain about the negativity of social media. I pass over those types of posts and concentrate in reading and posting more positive thoughts.
  • I call a friend or family member. Talking on the phone has never been a favorite pastime of mine, but I do it now and then to connect with family and friends who are not nearby.
  • I do some author-like business: I record bills and income, check emails and ads, work on a social, blog, or podcast posts, etc.
  • I read, write, or edit: To see what I’ve been reading, check Facebook, Instagram, or click on my Goodreads page and read my reviews. Click on reviews under my profile picture. I am on the home stretch of my 6th novel, Under the Weeping Willow. The next book tickles my thoughts now and then, but I need to do another passthrough of Under the Weeping Willow before I allow myself the freedom to listen to the new characters, brewing in my head.
  • I sew, color, or bead: I have some pouches to stitch up for gifts and a prayer bead set to make. They are on my goal list this week.
  • I sit in the sun or get outside: I can’t go for a walk anymore, but on nice days I push my walker around on the deck, getting a few steps in the fresh air. On less weather-friendly days, I sit in a comfy chair near our large south-facing window and read; it makes me happy.
  • I search Pinterest for a new craft to try: I’ve found so many fun decorating, craft, and cooking ideas on Pinterest. Find my page HERE to see my pins. 
  • I do some household chores, a bit of cooking, or take care of my many plants: I’m thankful to have a kind lady who comes to do the harder chores, like cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors, and vacuuming. I still manage dishes, meals (hubby helps a lot with this one), and laundry, for the most part. I sometimes ask Google to play some music while I dust or cook. 
  • I pray and meditate: I need to be better at making this a regular part of my day. I need to nourish my spirit as much as my body. I usually fall asleep praying for others.
  • I stretch and force myself to do what I can for exercise: This represents a tough one for me. My muscles fluctuate between feeling like mush and hard as steel. Too much motion, and I have pain; too little, and I clamp up. It’s a balancing act. One that I haven’t quite figured out yet. It seems to be changing all the time.
  • I play with the dog: I’m so thankful for our mini Yorkie, Ruby. She brings joy and laughter to every day. 
  • I watch TV shows and movies on my streaming channels: OK, you can call me a chair potato. That’s what I felt like the last few weeks. My energy level has been low, and I pulled a muscle in my calf. Thus, I required more rest than usual. Currently, I’m watching Heartland and loving it.

All in all, my days pass fairly fast, here at home in my cozy nest. Maybe I’ve given you an idea of something you can add to your day as you keep closer to home in your nest. 

Blessings for health and safety, J

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