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Tomorrow I will publish a podcast at Jenny Knipfer–Author Podcasts about my imagination process when I write, so I wanted to link a similar theme here on my blog. My interview with Sarah Letourneau in my post last week inspired me to write a poem about imagination and crafting characters for a story . . .

And I Write . . .

I listen

Voices whisper their story

Word by word

Louder until

My inner ear presses against a character’s lips

Words become paragraphs

And then pages

And I write

I ask

Who speaks

Who are you

What do you want

What or who gets in your way

Tell me

I must know

And I write

I cry and laugh

Their joy rings in me

Their sorrow burdens me

Their love burns within me

And their pain becomes mine

And I write

I describe

As if for the blind

My senses registering their’s on the page

Touching a world almost as real as mine

Smelling the fragrance of life

And the stench of decay

And I write

I see


New daws

Vivid colors

And shadows

The work of God’s hands

And the work of man’s

And I write

I record a story that is my own

And yet not my own

A story begging to be told

Their drama pours forth

Through my imagination

To my fingertips

And I write


I hold life


And everything

In between

Within my grasp

And I write

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  1. Linda McCutcheon says:

    Your Amazing!

  2. 😘 Thanks, my friend, for reading and commenting. I appreciate you so much!

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