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Art and life require a matter of perspective. You can’t make sense of what you see until you take into account the scope of what’s around you. On perspective is defined as: 

  1. the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point. 
  2. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

The key words to focus on—“giving the right impression … when viewed from a particular point”. Let me explain…

One of the first things I learned in art class was perspective. Imagine marking a dot anywhere on a paper. Now draw a square anywhere on the paper. Use a straightedge ruler to make a line from each corner of the box to the dot. Notice how when the line draws nearer to the dot the box becomes smaller. The dot is the vanishing point and the place where everything drawn on the paper must be orientated to.

I love the impressionistic paintings. Think Monet and Renoir. They are built with small sections of color like the modern day pixel. You can’t see the true picture if you’re up close. It’s just a bunch of dots or dabs of paint. The artist still keeps in mind a point on the page in which all the objects are set to when painting, but it isn’t until standing away that the true image and scope of the art comes into focus. 

That’s how life often is. We get discouraged by how little progress we’ve made in the interim, but when taking gauge of a longer span of time—like those draw out lines from the box to the dot—changes can be perceived. 

I accomplish so few things in a day compared to what I used to be able to do pre-MS. Standing back, I see my physical decline. Most afternoons I rest in my recliner for an hour or two and wonder how I am going to accomplish the rest of the things on my list before my husband gets home. Taking a shower and getting ready in the morning wipe me out. Chores like laundry and dishes have to be partitioned into short segments of time, and even then I push myself to complete a task. I often end up looking around the house at the end of the day tallying the few things I finished or even started.

Though my physical energy and strength have declined, when I look back to when I really started pursuing this author path, I’ve come a long way, baby! 

  • I quit my job in April of 2018, and before the end of the year I had written two novels. 
  • In the spring of 2019 I published my first book, Ruby Moon. I learned a lot and made a few mistakes. I worked hard at building an online platform of website and social media connections. 
  • By October of 2019 I published Blue Moon and had written two more books. 
  • This month I’ve made headway as well. I started a podcast focusing on what I have and am learning on my path, sharing methods and tips for writing, my stories, and indie author interviews. 
  • My third book, Silver Moon, will be released this May/June.
  • I plan to release the last book in the moon series this fall.
  • Next year I hope to publish the first two books in the Sheltering Trees series.

Looking back, I see just how far I’ve come in less than a year, and it makes me feel better about my physical turtle-like capabilities in the day to day operations of life. 

I do remember the days where I could do next to nothing using my eyes and brain power. My head hurt so much that I could only tolerate a limited time viewing a computer/tablet screen and I couldn’t read a book. I am glad I have improved. I’ll happily take my decrease in mobility over the decrease in the use of my vision and mind.

But all in all, we are more than our accomplishments. More than what we put out. We are important because we are loved and made in God’s image. Even at my most disabled, I found a way to share that love with others. If we can do that, life holds meaning.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied, or frustrated with what you see in your life, take a step back, and take in the whole picture. Getting a little perspective of your situation may enable you to understand and see more than you think. Be encouraged. 😊



2 thoughts on “A Matter of Perspective

  1. Ruth Everson says:

    I truly feel inspired by your upbeat look at life.

    1. Thanks, Ruth! I do have my grumpy days now and then between the upbeat ones. 🙂

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