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While most writers I know are writing furiously for National November Writing Month, I am taking a break—a thankful break. After writing five novels in less than a year and a half, I think I might be due for one. I published two of the five manuscripts—Ruby Moon and Blue Moon. The other three await exposure to an editor’s eyes and the publishing process. 

When I delved into this journey of self-publishing, I knew it would be a lot of work, but I had no clue how exhausting some portions of the job could be. Marketing has put a good-sized dent in my rear end. I don’t have a publisher to help get my books into bookstores and libraries or into the hands of readers. I am the only lonely with the responsibility of pedaling my work. Since I’m buried in pages of books in my genre online, getting sales on Amazon requires advertising, which I am still trying to figure out. 

The bottom line is: I’m tired. I dislike selling anything. When I thought about being an author, I didn’t fully factor in the aspect of selling my work. It tastes bitter to me, like I’m selling myself, and in a way I suppose I am. My words are printed on the pages. Well, needless to say, weeks ago the frustrations were building up. I needed to redirect my mind and energy before I fizzled out like a spent firecracker. 

This season of thanksgiving helped me do that. This month I wanted to focus on being thankful instead of grumbling and complaining about my uphill author battles, so I challenged myself to post about something I’m grateful for on Facebook and Instagram each day. I wake up eager each morning to share my thankful posts. Counting your blessings really does change your attitude. 

Today is day fifteen, and today I am thankful for you: dear reader, follower, or friend. Thank you for following my journey, for encouraging and inspiring me, and most of all—thank you for reading. I hope you will always find my posts and stories up-lifting. I’ve accomplished my goal if I’ve left your life a little lighter, brighter, or clearer after reading my words. 

Blessings, J

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