Jenny Knipfer–Author

Writing to inspire, encourage, and enjoy

I wrote this simple rhyming poem many years ago, but the sentiments it expresses are still the same to me. I hope you enjoy it.

Autumn To Me

Cool crisp perfect
Colored hat glorious
Misty morning marvelous

Dead leaf crunch
Corn, buffet brunch

Bird song quiet
Tree top song, windy
Sweater skin lovely

Gloves that match
Pumpkin, gourd patch

Huge hydrangeas
Hot, steamy tea mugs
Apple cider jugs

School bus time
Deep, dangling chime

Sky raining leaves
Fuzzy seeded pod
Long, fly fishing rod

Woodsy walk
Grandfather clock

High haystacks
Bon fire a’ burning
Bright season turning

Rose hips red
Early to bed

Windows locked shut
Snuggly blanket warm
Winter coming storm

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