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Today I leave you with a poem I wrote years ago but once in a while still rings in my heart . . .

The harder I try

The less I am

Working to be seen

Working to please


Who am I?

Parts of everything

Glued together

Am I?

Puzzle pieces

Grouped by similarity


To be moved

To become


The picture

Each part exclusive

A unique gift

Am I?

Left over chunks

A lost oddity

Sitting in God’s hand

In process

By faith

By mercy

Fabricated shapes

Filed to fit


Colored in simplicity

For the now

For the past

For the dream

The real thing

The harder I try

The less I am

Working to please

Working to be seen


Who am I?

When all is said and done

Bent to the will

I am as I should be

Free to confidently


Any edge

Any curve

Can take

Can restore

All I shall be


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