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Writing to inspire, encourage, and enjoy

Where do  words go when they fly from our mouths? What is their target? What purpose do they serve? Do they build others and ourselves up, or do they rip at the heart? Are they flippant, idle meaningless drivel, or are they well thought out and meaningful? 

Perhaps contempt or jealousy roosts among your nest of words like a murder of crows ready to pluck at the first victim? Has anger raised its ugly head and hurled words like boulders at your intended target? Maybe Eeyore tinted adjectives sink you in a perpetual puddle? On occasion has the judge’s gavel been clenched in your/my teeth ready to hammer whoever comes closest with judgement? 

Could a balloon of lovely thoughts make your words float up and lift you and others from the drudgery of plodding one foot in front of the other? Are warm, kind thoughts like fresh baked pies ready to be served up and dished out to friends or strangers alike in the form of a loving or encouraging word?

I point no fingers, for I am as guilty as they come. My words have cut like a knife—myself and others—on occasion. The more I live, the more my I strive to be more careful with my speech and with the written word. Words usually do one of two things:  give life or take it. 

I’ve been the recipient of life sucking words a number of times. The old children’s rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” got it entirely wrong. I’d prefer a physical beating over a verbal one any day.  

Just how bad can the tongue be? In the Bible James equates the tongue as being set on fire from the very depths of hell itself. Yikes! He makes an analogy of a ship’s rudder steering a large ship, so can the tongue steer the course of our lives and others. 

Lately I’ve tried to pinpoint why I write. Other than my personal journaling which helps me make sense of life, why do I share my words? I came to this conclusion:  my purpose in writing my blog and my books is to inspire, encourage, and challenge myself and others to think deeper, love more fully, and choose better. I don’t simply want to entertain or give you yet another thing to read. I want it to matter, because words matter. And you matter. 

Thanks for reading. I hope I will always leave you with a taste to strive for a little bit more of life, love, and the creator of every good and perfect gift—God. 

Blessings, J

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