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The fox is from an Elizabeth Hartman pattern.

I believe we will reap what we sow. What we give out will come back to us in some form or fashion. I’ve seen this phenomenon in my life often enough. As I stitch in kindness, it is poured out on me.

I think back to moments when I acted unkind towards myself or others, and those haunt me. I wish I could rip out the seam my choice stitched and fix my mistakes, but in life you can never go back to redo anything. You can only go forward, ask for forgiveness, learn from your mistakes, and love others the best you can.

When not writing, I often turn to sewing to fulfill my creative need. Currently, bits and pieces of a fox quilt takes shape on my craft table. Sewing resembles life in a lot of ways. Life equates to moments, precious and terrible stitched to our days. I like to think of each passing day as a quilt block added to the quilt sampler of my life and your’s. Some blocks shine bright with color, evenly spaced stitches, and fetching designs. Others drone monotone and blend into the background. A few blocks have jagged lines and an interrupted quilting pattern.

Much of the design comes from both what we reap and what we sow. In many ways we craft our life by how we treat ourselves and others. It took me many years to understand I needed kindness from myself as much as others did. I tore out the stitching of my life quilt when I ripped open myself for falling short in some areas. Kindness starts at home, in the mortal tent of me—of you.

The thing about kindness—it’s catchy. It started with God. He transferred it to us and desires us to pass it on.

Sow a little kindness, and you’ll sew the seams of your life quilt a little tighter, a little more colorful, and a little more precious. Pick up your figurative needle and thread and get sewing and sowing!

Blessings, J

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