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They say anticipating something can be more fun than whatever it is you’re expecting. Maybe. I try to recall a few times when I’ve looked forward to an event, a particular day, or a special occasion. Did I find more joy in the planning and expectation or in the main event? At times.

I think about the birth of my sons and how I wondered what they would be like. Whose eyes would light up their faces? What natural gifts would they boast? Would they favor me or my husband more? Asking those questions brought a kind of joy to my heart. Preparing for their arrival filled my days and blessed my dreams, but when I actually birthed them into this world, the magic came full circle. Looking into your child’s eyes for the first time takes a high ranking on life’s best list. Well, at least mine.

What about anticipating the little things:  a special dessert, a holiday, or a first date? Desire, ideas, imagination, and dreams can all be a piece of the anticipation puzzle. Are these more thrilling than actually doing what you wanted to—devour a decadent chunk of chocolate cake or kick back by the lake? I think they are simply different kinds of pleasure. Does the beauty of the Rose come only when it’s petals unfurl?

Life contains many opportunities for anticipation and sometimes dread. Let’s not rush the journey, the dream, the hard work, or the brainstorming just to gain the prize. Enjoy watching the new horizon approach and equally revel in the pleasure when it dawns.

What are you anticipating?

I anticipate the publication of my first novel this spring. It’s been quite a journey, harder than I imagined, and more deeply satisfying than I dreamed. I’ll rejoice when the magical moment arrives and I hold my printed novel in my hands, but I’ll be equally as thankful for the journey.

Anticipate something great, and it just might happen.


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