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Over the years, writing has become my therapy. How I manage life and its trials has morphed with the passage of time, but my creativity has always been at the core of building a place I can release what is in me.

This is an excerpt from my book, Ruby Moon, but they are my thoughts. It is towards the end of the book and my main character, Jenay, is writing in her journal. She realizes writing has been a part of how she’s risen above her difficulties . . .

When did I start writing? I can’t remember. The desire has always been there, but maybe it needed to build momentum in me through life’s blessings and life’s tragedies. Getting my thoughts down on paper, no matter how raw, I believe is what opens me up, and I am able to see a clearer, truer picture of what I experience. 

Pouring out my heart in black ink on a white page is what has transformed me. It allows me to express myself and gives my thoughts the freedom they seek. I am not bound to their drudgery anymore. When I honestly recognize them, they float from me, and my secret terrors no longer hold power over me. My sadness becomes less, and my joys become greater. 

That has been the absolute truth for me. I encourage you to give it a try. You don’t have to be a great writer or have a nice journal or pen. Use a broken pencil and a piece of notebook paper. I use my Ipad and Google docs. It doesn’t matter. Release your angst, your pain, and your questions. Maybe it will cause you to see the gratefulness captured underneath the heaviness. Let it float to the surface of your life as you skim off the aches. May you find yourself having a little more joy.


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