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I venture to guess we’ve all been there—on the edge. Maybe your drop off points were something great, scary, or life altering. Mine have been all three. How many times have I dangled over a figurative cliff? More times than I would like to recount.

My latest edge experience has been this journey of writing. The journey started long ago, but it was a part of me that, for the most part, remained private. In past years, I’ve stepped out on a limb by blogging about my poetry and the little nuances of life. I’ve tested the artist waters in so many ways through the years with various creative pursuits, but this new venture is more than a step out on a limb or a paddle in new waters. It takes the cake and wins the prize for the gutsiest move yet—being a published author.

I remember when I started writing my first novel. The idea seemed audacious given my current physical condition, but I pressed forward. I dared myself to do what I’ve always aspired to accomplish, and . . . I did.

I jumped in and wrote, and I was surprised at how fast the character’s stories poured out of me, like flood waters finding an outlet. Despite my carpal tunnel, fatigue, damaged nerves from MS, and having to navigate a mouse with my non-dominant hand, I finished. Much to my surprise, I didn’t stop there. Two more books sprung from that first dive. Now, I’m writing the fourth. I wonder how many more tales are trapped inside this noggin of mine. I’ll keep writing as long as the words keep coming.

Thank God I have some direction on what to do with these stories. I’ve recently connected with an editor who understands my voice and is willing to help me on the road to being self-published. It is exciting and scary. I keep asking myself how I’m going to do a good job of promoting my book when some days I can barely totter around the house.

You didn’t let your poor hands stop you. That’s right I didn’t. I won’t be held back by weakness, for I believe that when I am weak God’s Spirit is strong in me. I am determined to not let my weak legs stop me or anything else. I can’t clearly see how I’ll manage, but I’m trusting that I will. I guess that’s what faith is.

What have you always wanted to do? What’s holding you back from diving in and giving it a go? If little ol’ me can press past my inhibitions, I bet you can too.

Do it. Dive in!

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