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This is what I am telling myself to do, think like spring. After months and months of white, I seek color. I imagine the spring day I cut these forsythia blooms from the bush in my front yard.

The wind blew soft on my face. A robin hopped about on the grass searching for some insect or unearthed invertebrate to swallow, and the bright color and light fragrance of the forsythia beckoned me. The ecstatic yellow blooms shouted happiness. I smiled, and all was right with the world.

I cut some branches to bring in the house. I transferred the cheer of the outdoors inside as I arranged them in my large blue jar, which sat atop a colorful quilted table runner. Instantly, the space became sunnier. I became sunnier.

Yellow is not a favorite color of mine, but I think it the happiest color. Can you even be sad focusing on the color yellow? I can’t. As a floral designer, yellow flowers were a favorite of mine to design with because each flower was like a smiling face, a pop of color that illuminated arrangements. I no longer design, and I think I miss handling the yellow flowers the most.

Personally, I look dead in yellow. Gold or mustard I can pull off but dress me in sunshine yellow, and the pallor of the crypt comes calling. The deep, rich colors of autumn look the best with my skin tone, hair color, and eyes.

So, I save the color yellow for my spirit. That is where I focus my thoughts today, on yellow and on the promise of new things that spring will bring. My spirit is starting to feel dreary, but I hold on to the promise of color, fragrance, and life while I figuratively dress myself in sunshine.

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