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And so it begins, this thing called blogging. I am not new to the blogging world. In fact, I was blogging before blogging was cool. Life takes you on turns, however, and my blogging fell by the wayside of work and family life.

A new phase of life meets me now. My sons are grown, I stepped down from my job, and I am once again entering the foray of laying my soul out in written word for anyone to see. It feels a tad scary to be honest, but it is what I feel called to do.

I wrote this several years ago. I was stepping out of a time when migraines were almost a daily occurrence and fitting words together to form a coherent thought was at times challenging. I am thankful that I didn’t give up being me . . .

. . . My words emerge from infancy in the inner depths of my heart. Not that my thoughts are untried or newly propped up on shaky toddling legs. No, they have just been waiting to get out. They shimmer at me from the darkness like clusters of crystals awaiting to be polished and scattered to shine on the page.

Once, I wrote by hand filling pages upon pages of paper with ink. The words seamed together like stitches holding a garment secure. They flowed from my mind with an unforced clarity. Characters took shape, scenes paraded by, and words strung themselves together so prettily like pearls on fishing line.

Time has changed my ability to write, type, and in some instances even form the images in my mind. For awhile I gave up, but I feel the tug again. It is an insatiable urge to record my thoughts and arrange them in a meaningful bouquet. Like a mason pulls an image from stone or a potter forms the clay into what it calls to be, so I feel the call of the written word to be released from my ponderings and set free.

How unsettling the bounce of thoughts inside my brain can be. I long to get them out. It is a yearning, a calling, and a choking feeling that cannot be denied any longer. So despite the difficulty of various physical inhibitions, I will persist in heeding their call. The physical ability to write as I once did is gone, but the need to write has never gone away. It has hummed in the background waiting to sing the lead again.

3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. woodjaw says:

    As always, I enjoy reading your “blogs”. You give so much food for thought and especially now in these trying times! You give one much courage in moving on no matter how hard life can be, as know in your case has been a challenge. Love your books and look forward to reading more! God’s blessings to you always! Joyce

    1. Thank you for reading, Joyce. You made my day brighter with your kind words. 😊

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